Chameleons: 6 Ways Criminals Commit Identity Theft

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They’re chameleons, really. Changing colors. Tactics. Techniques. And they can be tricky in identifying, which is why many criminals commit identity theft and why ID theft happens to be the fastest growing crime in the U.S. We might as well call them identity theft ninjas – only they won’t kill us!

In its basic form, though, identity theft is nothing more than someone using somebody else’s identity. People can be creative with that, though, and it’ll help the consumer know some of the different forms in which criminals commit identity theft, starting with….

Identity Cloning and Concealment

In this case, criminals commit identity theft this way by stealing identity impersonates people to conceal their own identity.  Examples of such identity thieves are the illegal immigrants, people who are hiding themselves from creditors, anonymous persons who choose to remain anonymous for several reasons, and posers who use photos and information of another person on a social network. This type of identity theft can continue undetected for a long period of time, especially if the identity thief is capable of getting the documents that are needed to pass the authentication tests.

Criminal Identity Theftcriminals commit identity theft Rango

Let’s say a criminal has been arrested by police and identifies himself as another person. That’s an example of criminal identity theft. There are cases where criminals get the identity document using false documents that have been stolen from other people.  The charges are therefore put under the victim’s name while letting the criminal free.

Synthetic identity theft

Many criminals commit identity theft of this magnitude, making it the current common tactic at the moment. In this case, the identity thief fabricates their identity either partially or completely. This is done by combining a true social security number with either a date of birth, a name or both, that is not associated with the number. This type of identity theft is very hard to track without the very best identity theft protection available.

Medical Identity Theft

Criminals commit identity theft in this manner typically by seeking medical care using another person’s name. This type of identity theft leads to the doctors giving misinformation of the patient’s medical history as they practically have treated two people under the same name and recorded the information under the same file name. Very confusing….

Child Identity Theft

What if a minor’s identity is used by another person for some reason? You then have specific cases such as this when criminals commit identity theft – the identities of minors. The impostor who uses the minor’s identity could be a family member, a family friend or a stranger. Sometimes such an act is managed with the best of intentions, although it can cause a massive domino effect of disaster. Something to watch out for.

Financial Identity Theft

This is also a common type of identity theft. Criminals commit identity theft in this way by gaining access to economical benefits of another person using his name. It includes obtaining credits, products or even loans while masquerading as another person. Even rummaging through trash can be considered financial identity theft!

Lots of Disguises to Watch Out For as Criminals Commit Identity Theft….

And, of course, the scary thing is that a lot of these types of identity theft can go unseen, or even benign in many cases. No one gets hurt, really – so why not? It still doesn’t make it right for these identity chameleons to traverse the landscape unseen and without fear. But if we open our eyes and catch them in the act, implementing the ultimate identity protection, identity theft gets turned on its head and the camouflage wears off.

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